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Dexxtra | Strong pipeline of prospects

We build you a
strong pipeline of prospects
ready to buy


A ‘Sale’ is not a ‘One step process’. The probability of a ‘Sale’ closure is directly proportional to the level of engagement done with the prospect prior to it.

What Dexxtra has to offer


We fix Appointments, Demos, Meetings with Key decision makers in your target organizations.

Lead Generation

We generate qualified and verified leads (your target-consumer) for high-value products and services


We manage your brand on social media to drive awareness, engagement, traffic and footfalls based on clearly defined KPIs.


Creative solutions that make your brand stand out from the clutter and instantly strike a chord with your target audience.

Trust our experience that we have gained since 2001.

About us

We achieve your goals effectively

The right ‘Strategy’ is key to developing your ‘Customer Acquisition’ action plan, and it comes with experience!

About us

Our Clients

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