Most businesses are under pressure today.

They spend a bomb on customer acquisition.

Yet they are unhappy with their Lead-gen agencies.

A Call-centre without proper forward and backward integration proves to be highly inefficient.

Most ‘Leads’ today are simply casual enquiries, and junk unless verified and qualified by a trusted source.

Unless the entire cycle is managed end-to-end, inefficiencies at different stages can kill the entire effort.

At Dexxtra, we take complete charge of the entire ‘New customer acquisition’ cycle on the client’s behalf.

You simply need to brief us about your product or service and tell us your target audience profile. We then take complete accountability of generating, verifying, qualifying the leads and delivering them in the form of ‘Confirmed Appointments’ for you to convert into ‘Customers’.

We operate with an integrated set-up comprising of Marketing experts, Tele-callers, reputed creative resources and data analytics people.


We use a lot of stuff.

And we do everything ourselves.

From a high impact proprietary Creative IP to targeted mobile marketing to strategic offline activation to Facebook / Truecaller profiles to meticulous data crunching to web crawlers to physical verification.

All leads are available real-time in our LMS portal, for you to convert into your next 'New Customers'.

We are now an additional lead channel that contribute 20%+ incremental business for our partner brands