B2B Lead generation - Target Audience

B2B Lead generation: Understanding the end-customer profile(s)

Who is the person that requires your product or service? Is he the owner of a fast food eatery, an iron tool manufacturer, a stockbroking firm or a Marketing Manager in a mid-sized organization? What will make him take notice of you?

a) Differentiating between the Buyer, Consumer and Influencer:

While in a country like India, most buyers are the customers as well, due to the sheer volume of small & medium sized businesses or SMEs run by a small team of people, in a lot of other cases, the buyer or the key influencer are very different from the ‘Customer’. For instance if you wish to reach the ‘Marketing Manager’ community with your offering, you might do well in reaching out to Advertising agencies or Media planning agencies, who are very key influencers to the community. At the same time, each agency would have access to multiple client ‘Marketing Managers’, thus allowing you access to a much larger base of prospects than you would have imagined.

b) Understanding their media habits and behaviour:

While ‘Consumer behaviour’ as a term is largely prevalent and synonymous with Consumers or B2C marketing, its importance is no less in B2B marketing. Every business owner or influencer also has a pattern in his behaviour towards marketing stimuli, if you are smart enough to observe. With the proliferation of smartphones among the masses in India, and Jio making it easy to access the joys of the internet, social media platforms like Facebook or games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush saga have become very popular even among the semi-literate population who comprise a large part of the small business community. And, the best time of the day to reach them might just be lean periods like 11am-1pm or 3-5pm, when they are relatively ‘available’. Hence, advertising on Candy Crush in Hindi during these time-periods might just win you many new customers very easily.

c) Choosing the right Stimulus or ‘Offer’:

It’ll pay if you spend some time in understanding what really gets your audience excited and make her respond to your communication. While all of us are ‘Offer-seekers’ or rather value-seekers, we tend to get most excited if someone on the other side speaks our language and empathizes with our problems. Hence whatever your offer or promotion, if you have made some customization towards your audience, chances are you will have a higher success rate. Take the instance of a restaurant owner burdened with the thought of paying a steep license renewal fee in March. If a bank highlights this and offers him an easy loan with an exclusive offer, there is no reason why he wouldn’t consider.