B2B Lead generation: How difficult is it?

Every business owner knows there are customers for his business offering. The very basis of a business idea rests upon the assumption of a ‘customer’, either ready or soon to be, to lap up the manifestation of the idea, whether as a product or as a service.

But ask a business owner about how exactly his customer acquisition journey has been, and you’ll get him talking, particularly if his is a business-to-business business or B2B, as customers are limited, and every one of them are really hard to come by!

So, how difficult is B2B lead generation?

I have identified the following steps which I feel are the most critical in the B2B lead generation to customer acquisition cycle. This is basis my limited but quite intensive work in this field.

1. Understanding the end-customer profile(s)

2. Getting the database

3. Managing the campaign

4. Managing the Interests & Enquiries

5. Qualifying the Leads

6. Final Conversion into ‘New Customers’

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