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Dexxtra Social | Dexxtra

Dexxtra Social

We give you your very own social community.

  • We are a results-driven social media agency.
  • We manage your social media end-to-end.
  • We use social media to drive engagement, traffic & footfalls for your brand.
  • We ideate and create your brand’s unique Social Media positioning.
  • We identify and assign roles for each social media platform basis this positioning.
  • We plan and execute your brand’s play on social media focusing on the top consumer-engagement pegs.
  • We constantly develop content that delights your target.
  • We integrate strong calls-to-action that drive traffic & footfalls.
  • Targeting: We reach out to a highly targeted & relevant audience.
  • Reach: We start small... “Pin & Win” NOT “Spray & Pray”.
  • Community: We focus on building trusted, engaged communities.
  • Platform focus: We define specific roles for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc for your brand… And follow them religiously.
  • Content: We create content that is relatable to your brand’s TG… Original, unique proprietary content, we don’t piggy-back.
  • Results: We work with clearly defined KPIs for each platform.
  • Campaigns: We create campaigns & contests to create excitement with a strong call-to-action.. Online only or Integrated Online-Offline.
  • Reports & Analytics: Weekly reports, competitor mapping, dashboards.
  • ORM & Social Conversations: Identifying relevant conversation on multiple platforms and converse as a brand custodian.

We Create

and whatever else is required to make your social media work for you!

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