Full-Stack Marketing | Dexxtra


Complete peace of mind as all the marketing needs of your Company/Brand handled by us.


  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Brand Experiential
  • Market & Industry Insights
  • Channel & Trade Marketing
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • Digital Marketing
digital world

We create the most potent ‘Consumer Personas’ that are relevant for your business: Examples:

  • Working professionals with Office Location in Lower Parel Mumbai
  • HR Heads of companies in USA who are Decision Makers for an HR software
  • Retailers with a shop at posh Residential locations in Pune
  • 30-45 year olds looking to buy Property in Chembur, Mumbai
  • Owners of an SUV or premium vehicle in Gujarat

We use our own proprietary Horizontal-Vertical Matrix Tool™ that pin-points the Database we want to target

Plus, our own bank of Proprietary database

Lead Generation
Lead Generation
  • Select, hand-picked Marketing tools to reach, engage and elicit interest
  • Communication designed to create a sense of Intrigue + Urgency + Greed, making response-rates high
  • Leads are generated as the audience start responding positively to our communication
  • Leads are then segregated and Verified / Qualified through Tele-Calling or other methods
  • Each ‘Lead’ is verified and qualified to check level of Interest
  • All relevant ‘Fields’ related to the prospect’s profile are filled in the ‘Lead Form
  • Leads that are both ‘Interested’ and ‘Eligible’ are shortlisted
  • Non-eligible Leads are screened out
  • A large ‘Prospect Database’ is also developed and built exclusively for the Client
  • Demos / Appointments are fixed with the eligible prospects
  • The Appointment + Lead Form are passed on to the company, for final conversion by the company’s sales team
  • The company converts the Lead into a Sale
  • A Brand-new Customer is ‘Acquired’