Dexxtra on Digital Marketing for MBAs & young executives

Businesses and corporations today need to be on their toes when it comes to managing their brand(s) on the internet. Just a few years back, it was okay to release an advertising campaign on TV, Print or Outdoor and then just replicate the same as posts, banners and text ads on Digital and Social media. Monitoring too used to happen periodically without the need for too much intervention. Today it’s a whole new ball game. A campaign released on traditional media is immediately picked up online, through both Google and Social media and people start talking about how good (or mostly how bad) it is on their social media. Hence it is imperative that we have a digital-first approach or at least a digital-readiness for our campaigns even if the budgets are heavily skewed towards traditional media. Also, MBAs, particularly the ones aspiring for a marketing job, need to understand how digital works in the corporate marketing space today and how it can be leveraged to their brand's advantage.

1.Social media business accounts: A basic but working knowledge of social media for business is an absolute necessity today. It’s best if the social media handles of the company are set up and managed by the company itself, to ensure complete control and ability to take split-second actions in case of crisis or sensitive situations. For this, one doesn’t need to study rocket science, rather just a few days of self-learning on Google should teach you all the dos & donts for managing your business social media face. For entrepreneurial or start-ups this is an absolute must, as you won’t have the luxury to employ a digital marketing agency, neither is there a need to do so.

2. Digital marketing tools: Understanding basic digital marketing tools & analytics like Google analytics for your website, mail tools like Mailchimp etc can really help you in getting real-time reports of how your brand is doing online or sending bulk or trigger-led mailers to your audience. Google is full of sites and rankings of the best digital tools to refer to. As this is a very dynamic area, tools can change or be replaced by better ones with predictable regularity.

3. Online reputation & Crisis management: If you are in a consumer facing business or a business with a risk of negative customer feedback, you should think through your response strategy thoroughly. Consider all possible situations including the worst that can happen, and keep templatized responses ready. These responses can either be provided through social media posts (replies) or on review platforms (Like TripAdvisor, Mouthshut etc). These days even Facebook offers options of auto-responses on posts, hence you simply need to know how to use this. Better still, be very alert, be ready to pick up the phone and call the customer as soon as there’s a problem. Nothing works better than a human-to-human talk.
In a nutshell, young executives today should be on top of digital marketing insights for their businesses or brands just as much as their are for their personal accounts. This can go a long way in enhancing the organisation’s positioning and perception to people who matter most.

Debashis Banerjee, Founder & CEO, Dexxtra was a speaker at Podar World College for the launch of their International MBA Program. He spoke on the topic of ‘Importance of Digital Marketing for MBA students and young executives.