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Performance-Based Marketing : The Silver Lining to your Brand

T he fact that continuous marketing efforts are mandatory for any brand to even have a basic digital presence in today’s digital ecosystem, is one that cannot be ignored.

With ever-changing marketing trends, Google algorithms, and an infinite pool of social media platforms to choose from, finding the right fit for your company can be an overwhelming task.

You end up being left with more questions than you had started with when you decided to market your brand differently

Choosing the right medium,
how to go about it,
whom to trust
and what mistakes to avoid?

The uncertainty of outcomes and yet being forced to shell out money because you want to “survive” or have a “digital presence” that all your competitors have. Especially if your resources are limited, funds are low and time is of luxury to your beloved company.

Dexxtra does not promise to fill the voids in your life but we do have an answer to your branding and marketing issues. Hear us out.

So firstly, we begin where you give up – The stagnated state, the problem.

By studying your company and its marketing as a whole, identifying areas where you lack, find existing gaps and potential threats. Creating marketing models that are complete with these aspects plus marketing research and competition analysis.

After finding what works best for you, scrapping existing ideas that do not, so on and on we go.

Then we create for you the data & insights-driven marketing plan with the best return on investment : Result$.
And since we also manage your marketing end-to-end, we ensure that the Result$ are achieved as planned.

Performance based marketing can be easily summed up as Data driven & Result oriented Marketing.

Benefits of PBM

1. Transparent operations : Once your goals & milestones are set, and you are clear on your return on marketing investment and expected profits, you agree to pay. Hence both you and Dexxtra have clear sets of deliverables to work on and adopt a collaborative approach to achieve them. When you and Dexxtra work together, towards the same business goals, there is no room for ambiguity or complaints, but only straightforward and constructive conversations.

2. Clear & Direct : When goals, milestones and targets are cast in stone, and you are kept abreast of the action that’s taking place, it is easier for you to track performance, check the KPIs, and take quick action whenever required. You are always in the loop, and in control.

3. Results and Measurable growth :All aspects of this marketing model comes with data, this provides clarity on your company’s growth, conversions and so on. Check the results in real time and be at ease.

4. Low Risk : A successful PBM plan is seldom high on fixed costs. It evaluates all possible permutations & combinations of marketing activities and budgets to arrive at an optimum mix, which in turn is dynamic and gets tweaked from time to time based on actual performance. This reduces the burden of high front-loaded spends, and rather spreads out the budget across a longer period of time. This makes PBM work for companies of any size. 

5: Success Metrics : All aspects of your growth, sales and profits are represented in measurable values and graphs. This allows the agency, us or any as good as us, to help make the perfect and highest-return-on-investment yielding decisions FOR YOU.

No more blind arrows, blank bullets… no more spraying and praying. 

Actual measurable growth, sales, conversions (converting potential customers into buyers) and customer retention (creating loyal customers) are KPIs that can be achieved with performance-based-marketing. 

It’s numbers…. and you love numbers, we love numbers too.

Our strength is exactly where we stand out – By being a full-fledged branding and advertising agency with a digital edge, that keeps strategy as the foremost priority. Rebuilding and restructuring your organizational marketing for more PULL.

PBM working model provides end-to-end solutions, making sure that continuous contribution goes into your branding and drives your digital marketing.

Creating impactful ad campaigns both offline and online. Meaningful content that enables decision making, innovative designs strategically used to ensure long-term desirability, feasibility and viability.

PBM is the new, smart way of running your marketing. It does not break your brain, or your bank. Fool proof & Bullet proof.